Benefits of Working with an SR&ED Consultant

While the SR&ED program was implemented to reward Canadian companies for their innovation, the filing process can be quite intimidating and complex. Many companies attempt to take on mountains of paperwork and the possibility of an audit to save from hiring an expert, without realizing how beneficial that hire could be.


They’ll Help You with the Details

Filing your regular taxes is a headache. SR&ED claims require a lot more paperwork, plus detailed accounts of all activities surrounding qualifying expenditures. While that might not sound so bad to some, the emphasis here is on the details. 

If your company is audited and the paperwork isn’t organized, it could turn into an unpleasant and likely frustrating experience. Even if you are organized, if the writing of the actual report is incorrect it could result in delayed or lost benefits.

An SR&ED consultant will help you file your claim by collating accurate supporting documentation. They understand every aspect of the report, so no aspects will be incorrect or overlooked. They do the heavy lifting, which also saves you a lot of time and effort that can be put into running your business.


They Know What Qualifies for SR&ED

It’s common for businesses to miss out on possible SR&ED tax benefits in everyday occurrences and failed projects. Sometimes it takes someone on the outside of the business looking in to see which activities are eligible. It also helps to have someone who knows which parts of failed projects are claimable.

SR&ED consultants are able to recognize unclear and often missed qualifying work that can substantially increase the amount of tax credits their clients receive. With the support of an SR&ED consultant, your claim will be maximized!


The BIG Difference

With 10,000 successful projects approved by the CRA, a success rate of 98%, and more than 1500 different businesses served over the past decade, we have the knowledge, depth and experience to provide expert guidance on how the SR&ED program requirements apply to organizations in all sectors.

Have questions for a SR&ED expert? Get in touch with us here.


*The information above is meant for informational purposes only, and not to be used as advice.


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BIG has joined RSM Canada
BIG has joined RSM Canada as of Dec. 16, 2021
As part of RSM Canada, we’ll take the next step in our growth strategy, continuing to help our clients benefit from the credits and incentives services we offer, while enhancing our offerings with additional tax, audit and consulting services and resources.