BIG offers support across a number of tax credits to support your cash flow strategy

Lease Audit Review

ITC Recovery’s lease audit and occupancy cost review is a systematic process comprised of the examination of a business’s commercial leases and all documents associated with leasehold expenses, billing methodologies, and language in commercial leases. ITC will verify and determine that charges billed by landlords are accurate and in compliance with lease terms and return lost profit by identifying and recovering overpayments made.

Recovery areas include:
  • Review of Annual Operating Expense Reconciliation Statements
  • Accuracy of Gross-up Adjustments
  • Common Area Maintenance Costs
  • Expense Stop or Base Year Calculations
  • Undue Management and Administration Fees
  • Impermissible Lease Expenses
  • Landlord Methodologies for Cost Allocation to Tennant Groups
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Construction Costs
  • Real Estate Tax & Insurance
  • Specific Tenant Assessments and Chargebacks
  • All Other Occupancy Related Cost

Benefits of our comprehensive lease audit


Future Cost Avoidance


Offset Lease Exit Costs


Leverage for Lease Negotiation


Recovery of Overpayments


Identify Punitive Language

Sales Tax Review

Canadian sales tax is complex and companies are presented with the challenge of ensuring effective sales tax management and compliance. Finance professionals are faced with the task of understanding the federal and provincial variations and keeping track of ongoing legislative changes. This can be an arduous task that requires technical expertise and time.

We provide an independent review of your Canadian sales taxes to identify and recover overpayments.

As part of our customized suite of services we offer a solution designed to assist finance professionals with the support and expertise required to secure eligible sales tax refunds, manage sales tax risk and improve overall sales tax compliance.

Apprenticeship Tax Credits

This refundable tax credit helps employers hire and train apprentices in skilled trade during the first 36 months of an apprenticeship program. The tax credit supports salaries and wages paid to the apprentice for up to 30%.

The tax credit is available to businesses that have permanent establishments in Ontario, pay Ontario income tax, and incur eligible expenses in training apprentices in certain skilled trades.

There are over 150 skilled trades in Ontario in four sectors: construction, industrial/manufacturing, motive power and service. Over 120 of these trades are currently eligible for the tax credit.

BIG has joined RSM Canada
BIG has joined RSM Canada as of Dec. 16, 2021
As part of RSM Canada, we’ll take the next step in our growth strategy, continuing to help our clients benefit from the credits and incentives services we offer, while enhancing our offerings with additional tax, audit and consulting services and resources.