SR&ED: 3 Best Practices for Managing Large Claims

If you haven’t been reviewed in the past few years, it might be because you are vastly under-claiming.

Getting a SR&ED claim submitted and approved is one thing, but to feel certain that you’re set to receive the highest claim amount possible is another thing altogether. Even if you have dozens of plants and several divisions, the SR&ED program allows only one annual claim per company. Many eligible claimants with the biggest claim potential are missing out on a considerable part of their eligible expenditures, simply due to the complexities of preparing a claim for their large organization.

Business Improvement Group has handled many large claims with these challenges, and even helped review claims that have already been prepared to ensure the maximum claim amount. 

We’ve learned some things over the years!

Here are three best practices standards that work best when submitting claims for large companies.

1. Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

For some, the measure of success with SR&ED is if a claim is submitted and approved with no review. The pitfall of that is you run the risk of leaving money on the table. CRA review standards means that a review should be expected every five years. 

If you haven’t been reviewed in the past few years, it might be because you are vastly under-claiming. 

Some clients tell us it makes sense for their processes because it causes the least amount of friction. Once they look at the claim amount when maximized, they usually change their minds. This can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars for the largest eligible SR&ED claimants!

2. R&D Must Be Part of the Culture

A SR&ED claim for an organization with many plants and divisions can very easily become disorganized. It’s employees that will have to take time out of their day to work with the SR&ED team to identify and discuss projects. They’re the ones that have to be on board to work with the SR&ED team to make a claim happen. A communication roadblock at one plant can hold up the process. Make sure employees whose work relates to SR&ED understand the value and are invested in the benefits it brings to the company.

3. Train Your Team On SR&ED Basics

The best way to get your employees invested in SR&ED is through training. It may seem like a time consuming, added step at first glance. However, ensuring your employees understand SR&ED and how to track their activities accordingly can save time down the road. We often hear the biggest challenge many engineers face is remembering work they did 12 or even six months ago. With training and a simple tracking process in place, this problem can be easily eradicated.


At Business Improvement Group we’re SR&ED experts. Our clients can be assured that the will be assigned consultants that have a deep understanding of their industry and work with you to recognize unclear and under-claimed qualifying work. From our free on-site assessment to our ongoing assistance with claims, we are with our clients each step of the way. 

You can learn more about us here.

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*The information above is meant for informational purposes only, and not to be used as advice.

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