US R&D Tax Credits

We provide advisory services to companies claiming Research Tax Credits in the United States.

What is the US R&D Tax Credit?

The Research Tax Credit (RTC) is a generous incentive program that rewards companies of any size for conducting research activities in the United States. The credit is a dollar for dollar reduction of federal taxes owed. The majority of states also offer a similar incentive based on the federal criteria.

Historically, many companies fail to make an RTC claim because they falsely assume that the program is restricted to “High Tech” companies. The fact is that virtually any company may have qualified research activities (QRAs) at any given time. In general, if some of your staff are engaged in solving technological problems for which a solution is not readily apparent, there is a good chance that the work they are doing is fully or partially eligible.

The definition of research in the tax world is not the same as in the world of science. In general, qualified research activities can include designing, developing or improving a ‘business component’ (i.e. product, process, technique, formula, invention, software). Once QRAs are defined, the associated qualified research expenses (QREs) must be determined. This includes employee wages, material or contractor costs, and prototype component costs that have been incurred during the development or improvement of the business component. The final requirement is to demonstrate the ‘nexus’ between the QRAs and QREs through supporting corroborative records.

How can we help?

We understand specific industries and technologies. We offer a competitively priced RTC claim deliverable that offers a high degree of success under IRS examination. Our interactions with client operations are credible, knowledgeable and non-intrusive. We strive to offer these core values to ensure our “relationship driven” spirit can continue forward.

Strategic Partners

DST Advisory Group

DST Advisory Group offers advisory services to companies claiming Research Tax Credits (RTCs) in the United States. DST helps clients structure a technically credible claim while maximizing their R&D Tax Credit entitlement. DST has nationwide experience with various IRS offices, allowing for quick integration of reporting requirements and best practices as part of their advisory services.

To learn more about how DST can help you get the credits you deserve is the U.S. visit

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BIG has joined RSM Canada as of Dec. 16, 2021
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